AHA - Academy

We are excited to celebrate Artichely Hair Academy's (AHA) first year at Delmar. We are actively accepting enrollment for this location. If you would like to learn more please contact us for more details at (314) 337-9070. If you have a passion for creating beauty, love working with people, love working in an environment where every day is different, and just plain love having fun, then we have the career training for you!

AHA Academy Courses
Course hrs price Description
Direct to Barber 1,000 $10,000.00
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or GED

For Individuals with 0 - 999 educational hours of theory and practicum salon, who need to complete hours to be eligible to sit for the State Board to earn a Missouri Barber license. As barbering is among the five most heavily regulated occupations among moderate-income occupations, you will be expected to attain many masteries. To prepare you, there will be extensive theory and practicum.

Theory will cover the following and more:
Safety, Hygiene and Sanitation: Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Sterilization procedures
Physiology and the Skeletal System: The hand and arm as well as the head and face.
Shaving Fundamentals: Positions and Strokes
Barber Chemistry: Basic Theory of Molecular Structure, simple Organic Chemistry, and the application of various Compounds to Cold Waving, Hair Relaxers, Chemical Processing, Shampoos, Rinses, Dyes, and various Hair Preparations
Shop Management: Regulations: Local, State, and Federal; Mathematics, Accounting, & Taxes; Inventory Control, Customer Relations, Salesmanship, Advertising, Record-Keeping; Equipment and Time Utilization
Salesmanship and Product Knowledge: Conversion: Service to Sales and Sale to Services; Client Education and Trust Building as a Marketing Strategy
Hairstyling: Styles: Learning a broad range of Styles as well as the types of heads and hair that support them; Styling: Brushing, Combing, Curling (both Cold & Iron), Thermal Pressing; Hair Design:; Care: Shampooing, Conditioning & Reconditioning, as well as Scalp Massage
Haircutting: Fundamentals in haircutting for all genders. Key steps for a complete basic cut; Procedures for cutting hair with clippers, shears, and razors.

The theory exam has one hundred and fifty (150) questions, mostly true/false, some multiple choice, and a few requiring essay responses.

Practicum will focus on building habits from effective procedures based on all that theory. You will receive Practice and Hands-On Experience touching upon every aspect of the Theory you've learned, which is key to mastering barbering techniques.

Sanitation: You will be drilled on sanitary procedures, as they are core to Barbering. It is not an exaggeration to say that you will be cleaning more than you are doing any other facet of barbering. You will begin every day by making certain your workstation is clean and verifying that your tools are clean and sterile. After every session, you will clean your workstation and the tools you used again. You will be responsible for helping to keep the public areas clean, so when you're not with a client, you'll likely be sweeping floors, etc. We cannot stress enough how much cleaning - you may be doing more of it than Minute Maid.

Safety: You will practice maintaining and holding your equipment in ways that are both healthy and safe for both you and your client. Barbers are especially prone to repetitive stress injuries, so ergonomic methods are key, and that includes posture.

Barber Chemistry: Gloves on, we will be mixing the compounds you will use on your clients so that you have an understanding of what they're supposed to smell like so you don't accidentally burn yourself or your client. You'll already know what shouldn't be mixed together, but as with most things, experience reinforces lessons - both your successes and failures will prepare you.

Crossover 48 $1,700.00
Individuals who hold a current Missouri Cosmetology License are eligible for a two week / 45 hour course to sit for the State Board for a Missouri Cross-Over (Barber and Cosmetology) License
Instructor 480 $5,500.00
Individuals with a Barber license whose goal is to become an instructor.
Booster 80 $850.00