4624 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO  63108
(314) 337-9070 artichely.com

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Please excuse the mess, our website is under construction, but we are open.

Our location is up, running, and our team is excited for the opportunity to serve you.

Open Enrollment! We're accepting applications Right NoW.

Directions: Google, Waze, MapQuest
We' on a major bus route 97 Delmar
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Artichely Hair Academy
Barbershop: Hours of Operation
Sunday - Monday
Tuesday - Friday
10am - 6pm By Appointment

It's best to make an appointment, which you'll be able to do online before long. For now, please call our main number: (314) 337-9070.

We are a full service Barber College, providing comprehensive, individualized instruction. Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced educators. Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a path to success. We embrace a learning environment that will prepare you for the path ahead. Our classes incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences. Your success is our priority. To support our inclusive community, we provide a personal approach, tailoring learning methods to each student's needs.

Calendar Events
Grand Opening. Started: April 11th, 2023 Ended: April 15th, 2023